Summer Celebration

June 6, 2023

The Bull Run Moose Legion #185 is holding a Summer Celebration on July 21 and 22, 2023.  We will be hosting a St. Louis-style pork ribs competition at this event.  Please bring your best!

Prizes will be awarded to the winners.

This Summer Celebration will be held at the Manassas Moose #1380 on 9305 Brentsville Road, Manassas, Virginia 20112.

For more information please contact the Manassas Moose for details.

Monthly reports 

April 7, 2021

By Thomas Murray

Good morning brothers I hope everyone is well and had a wonderful Easter, It's great to spend time with our family and friends. We are in the final stretch of this Moose year, so I am asking everyone to look at the arrears list and let's work together to get everyone to pay their dues. We have worked really hard this year to be in the top ten for the second year running. As of last month, we were +29 in the plus one quota, currently, we are just plus one. I feel there is nothing we can not accomplish if we all work together. As of last month, Bull Run #185 was in 5th place for the Moose Legion Award of Excellence. The Super Celebration is in a few short days, our brothers from Dale City MLC are bringing their candidates on a bus, this will boost our numbers exponentially. Let's bring as many candidates as we can to the Conferral. We do all of this because so many depend on us, such as our very young at Mooseheart and our elderly at Moosehaven.

Spring super celebration

April 3, 2021

By Thomas Murray

Good morning brothers, it's almost time for our Spring Super Celebration!  In just 5 days Bob and Tammy Neff will arrive. We will kick the weekend off with a golf tournament followed by a cookout at the pavilion, (weather permitting), and an awards ceremony.  Day 2 registration will begin at 10 am our board meeting will be at 11 am and the 1st order of business will be the election of the board of directors.  The short recess in between the general business meeting; Then the fun begins with Moose Milk, raffles, a money tree, and a plated dinner of rotisserie chicken. Day 3 breakfast is available at lodge prices, the orientation of candidates-conferral of candidates-installation of directors. We hope to see all of you next weekend.


Thomas Murray

BRML 185  Secretary 

Winter Celebration

January 17, 2021

Updated: 2/24/2021: This event will not have its social activities.  We will be holding regular business this day and there will be no conferral.  Because there will be no conferral of new candidates Tom Keefer will not be attending.

Bull Run Moose Legion #185 

Winter Celebration

It will be held on Saturday, February 27, 2021, from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm.  The official visitor will be Tom Keefer our Moose Legion Area Manager.  Activities this day include:

For any changes and updates please check here and on our calendar.

Directors nominations meeting This saturday

February 12, 2021

Good afternoon brothers, just a quick reminder that tomorrow Saturday, February 13, 2021, at 10 am -12 noon is our second nomination meeting for the board of directors for the 2021-2022 moose year. Just one more to go before your name goes on the ballot.  This is happening at the Franconia Moose Lodge-1076. Hope to see you there.


Thomas Earl Murray

Secretary-Bull Run Moose Legion 185

"Do some good thing for someone each day"

2021 International Moose Convention | Cincinnati

January 21, 2021

Join us in Cincinnati from June 30th – July 4th, 2021 for the 2021 International Moose Convention.

Registration and housing for the 2021 International Moose Convention is now open! The meeting will take place from June 30 – July 4, 2021, at the Duke Energy Convention Center in Cincinnati, Ohio.

This unprecedented event features the first sessions ever to discuss men and women sharing equal opportunities and responsibilities in the operations of our lodges Fraternity-wide. Special events include a Moose Member Night at the Great American Ballpark featuring the Cincinnati Reds vs. the Chicago Cubs; the 25 Club/Moose Fun Night with Beatle’s tribute band American English; and a free Fourth of July Concert with Killer Queen playing the hits of the legendary band, Queen.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to hear the latest information about the future of your Fraternity and to reconnect with friends from across North America after such a difficult year in 2020! For more information visit


January 17, 2021

Good morning brothers I hope everyone is well.  2020 is behind us and hopefully, 2021 brings abundant health, joy, and prosperous days. Our Winter Celebration has been pushed back due to the Covid-19 restrictions. It will be on February 27, 2021. Our official visitor is Tom Keefer, our area Moose Legion Manager. On January 30th we will have a board of directors meeting as well as our first nominations meeting for the 2021-2022 Board of directors. Both events will be the Arlington Moose Lodge-1315 starting at 11 am.  Any assistant secretaries of the lodge MLC that would like to attend the nomination meeting your votes will count. If anyone feels they would like to run for office please send me an email for the position you feel that you are best qualified for.  These positions will require that you put in your time and effort to attend meetings, plan for a great future for 185, be a part of a great team that works together to meet all the goals that Moose International requires of us. Raise funds to support the endowment fund, and assessments for the year, work towards the +1 in membership, and to meet and exceed our membership quota. Great leadership and teamwork will prevail year after year. Gentlemen,  we are the men that make things happen. Moose Legionnaires are leaders. They are a fuel that feeds the fire; the engine that drives the car; but most of all, they are loyal Moose members who roll up their sleeves and make things happen. They recognize that there are no greater responsibilities in this fraternity than strengthening its membership and providing financial support to Mooseheart and Moosehaven. Brothers as you all know last year we finished in the top 10 out of 159 jurisdictions. This year we will be in the top 10 again, we are currently in 4th place. All of our hard work and efforts are required because so many depend on us. There is a destiny that makes us brothers. None goes his way alone, that which we send into the lives of others, comes back into our own. I hope to see you there and as always wear your mask and social distance at 6 feet apart, sanitizer will be provided for our safety.


Thomas Earl Murray

Secretary Bull Run Moose Legion #185  

Director’s Key Club

January 15, 2021

Dear Directors,

Congratulations to Bull Run Moose Legion #185 on achieving the Director’s Key Club!  Each of the members of the Board of Director’s has led by example and had at least two accepted Moose Legion member applications reported this fiscal year.

Enclosed is your seven (7) distinctive 2020 lapel pin “keys” and we ask your International Moose Legion Ambassador be invited to assist with a proper presentation at a future Celebration.  Wear these Moose Legion 2020-2021 ‘KEYS’ with pride – you have earned them!

Our sincere thanks to each member of the Board for leading by example!  We also send best wishes for much more success during the ensuing membership year.  By being fraternal leaders who work to plan positive functions for our members and perform meaningful orientations and conferrals we will more successfully retain our base and share the pride of membership.

Your continued leadership in all areas of the Moose and Moose Legion program (including both production and retention of members) will help strengthen our membership throughout the fraternity.  This year we are working united as ONE MOOSE and we appreciate your example, leadership, and support!

THANK YOU for being on board as a leader, making the effort and taking the time to lead by example and invite lodge members to advance to the Degree of Service.

Sincerely & Fraternally,

Robert A Neff, PIP

Director, Ritual, M L & H D

John F. Prough

International Moose Legion President

Notice of Changes to Qualifications of Eligibility for Moose Legion

December 27, 2020

"Effective date January 1, 2021 "

We have heard from many members believing the rules should be changed requiring members to have held lodge membership for a minimum of six months (or having sponsored a member) – arguing that the member has paid a minimum of 12 months when he joined the lodge, so he has committed and paid for more than six months already. 

As we transition towards “One Moose” this subject has come into play as we work towards leveling the playing field and creating a baseline whereby Moose Legion and Chapter membership requirements will be more similar. Therefore, the Moose Legion Council proposed a change and the  Supreme Council ratified the adjustment. 

What this means is simple – and simplifies the eligibility requirements. Effective January 1, 2021, any male lodge member in active status (meaning dues are current) may make an application to advance to the Moose Legion. The same requirements for approval and conferral remain in place. This only affects the base requirement to make application. 

The Moose Legion Code of Rules section this affects is in Chapter 6, Section 6.1. The following  is a summary of the section of the Code with the changes noted: 



6.1 - Qualifications - Male Members of the Loyal Order of The 

Moose are qualified for membership in the Moose Legion if they 

meet the following eligibility requirements: 

1) Must be an active Male Lodge member and 

2) Must have completed six (6) months of Lodge membership 


1) Must be an active Lodge member and 

2) Must have sponsored 1 Lodge/Chapter application that 

has been accepted through LCL.Net 


1) Must be an active Lodge member and 

2) Must be a former Moose Legionnaire 

What this means is; that if an active status male member of the lodge is willing to make the additional commitment of fraternal service and support to and for our kids and seniors, then he will be deemed eligible for advancement. It was this way at a previous time and many members have thought for simplicity and clarity that it should again. Starting in 2021 it will be. 

Now, to be clear; this revision is effective on and after January 1st. All applications entered in the LCL system must have an application date and be transmitted on or after 1-1-2021 to be accepted.  New applicants, once approved, still need to be invited to a regular (or mini) Moose Legion conferral ceremony to complete their membership advancement, prior to receiving an enrollment date. 

Happy New Year!

Entries Now Being Accepted for the 2020-2021 Moose Journalism Awards! 

December, 16, 2020

Participants can download entry/informational forms online through the Moose International website on the homepage under Moose Programs and Events, the Heard of Moose? Facebook page, and through Official Communications (entry forms attached to this email).

The deadline for website submissions is 4:30pm CST, Friday, February 26, 2021. The deadline for publication submissions is 4:30pm CST, Friday, March 5, 2021.

The Moose Journalism Awards program seeks to encourage and motivate editors of all Moose publications towards the achievement of consistently high journalistic standards in their newsletters and, through such achievement, to enhance communication and shared information between Moose members and their lodges, chapters, Moose Legions, Higher Degree Councils, and associations.

Winners of this year’s competition will be recognized during the International Moose Convention in Cincinnati, OH, June 30- July 4, 2021.

Questions about the contest can be directed to the Moose International Department of Communications at (630) 859-2000, ext. 6243 or Good luck to all the participants! 

December Message from John Prough

December, 5, 2020

As this year winds down and many of us think about what a horrible year it has been (and I am sure many of us feel this way), I would like to instill a thought of hope. As we reflect back on 2020, there is at least one thing (hopefully many more when we think about it) that made us happy. Now, as we move forward to the year 2021 let us vow to make this our best year ever. With a positive can-do attitude, our lives can get back to some form of acceptable normalcy.

For those of you I got to visit with and some new faces I have met and now call my friend, I cherish and thank each of you for your hospitality, especially knowing we are all in this together. We do hope in the upcoming year we will get to travel and meet many more of my Moose Brothers and Sisters.

For those last-minute shoppers stuck on a finding a gift, remember it isn’t too late to buy someone a year’s dues for a nice gift that will last that person all year. For a new member you sponsor, it might just be the start of a lifetime of appreciation. Either way it helps support our kids and seniors at the same time!

Would just like to close my last message of the 2020 year by saying on behalf of the Moose Legion Council and my wife Barbara, thank you for being Moose. We would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah, extending a Happy and Blessed holiday season to all and as together we look forward to a wonderful and prosperous New Year.

Thanks for all you do.

John Prough,

International Moose Legion President

Moose Legion Fall CONFERRAL & Celebration

Fall Celebration Conferral – November 14, 2020

Official Visitor: John Prough International Moose Legion President

    • (Open to all Moose Legion members, Candidates, Ladies & Guests)

At: Manassas Moose Lodge #1380

9305 Brentsville Road, Manassas, VA, 20112

Bull Run Moose Legion Meeting & Conferral 

SUNDAY. JULY 26, 2020




Official Visitor: Jeffrey Rohrbaugh Moose Legion Ambassador

Higher degree Polo and moose legion vest requested



$10 for all Legionaries and guests for registration

Candidates and lady guest-no charge






1:15PM-2:30PM-LUNCH-Pulled Pork BBQ, Baked Beans, Potato Salad, Cole Slaw, and Dessert.





3:30 P.M. – 4:30 P.M. SOCIAL HOUR 

Bull Run Moose Legion is in first place in 426 thru 600 Moose Legionnaires-2020-2021 

Thursday, July 16, 2020 

To the Moose Legion Secretary, Directors and Members of Bull Run Moose Legion #185,

On behalf of the Moose Legion Council, Our Director Bob Neff and President John Prough, we want to thank each jurisdiction for their donation to the Endowment Fund. Your contributions through the month of June 2020 total $886.00, which is $1.50 per Moose Legionnaire.

Please remember endowment funds should be sent monthly, but a minimum of once per quarter. In addition, jurisdictions exceeding $3.00 per-capita by April 30th receive 30 bonus points toward The Moose Legion Award of Excellence. This is how most jurisdictions will achieve the upper levels of award.

The Endowment Fund Competition “Top 10” standings for the 2020-2021 Moose fiscal year in the category of "President" consisting of Moose Legions with 426 thru 600 Moose Legionnaires is as follows:


185- Bull Run VA 590 $886.00 $1.50

213- Thunderbird AZ 461 $404.85 $0.88

74- Swamp Fox SC 472 $404.00 $0.86

125- Orange Blossom FL 500 $325.00 $0.65

88- Shenango Valley PA 451 $277.76 $0.62

93- Arizona AZ 430 $159.00 $0.37

177- Central Michigan MI 558 $200.00 $0.36

65- South Jersey NJ 480 $100.00 $0.21

101- Southern Illinois IL 529 $75.00 $0.14

89- Susquehanna PA 492 $40.00 $0.08

Next month’s contributions will provide your jurisdiction an opportunity to move up in the standings within your division for this Moose fiscal year. Statistics and competition standings from all jurisdictions in every division can be found in the Moose Legion area of the Moose International website.

Thanks again for all you do and please convey our gratitude to your members for the outstanding service they provide to our fraternity.


Dan O’Neal

Special Project/Fundraising

International Moose Legion Council 

Moose Legionnaires of Distinction Recognition Program

Saturday, January 4, 2020 

A program to recognize the top producing Moose Legion sponsors!

As members of the Degree of Service, it is our responsibility to help build the strength of the Order. We can do it – one member at a time, by inviting individuals to become part of the Order and encouraging eligible Lodge members to advance so they can become part of the program of the Moose Legion.

In the Lodge and Chapter, sponsors of 25 or more applications during a fiscal year have traditionally been invited to join the Director General at the International Convention for an event of recognition at the “Circle of Distinction” and “Heart of Distinction” annual program. Moose Legion is now included!

Starting in 2012 our Moose Legion sponsors of 25 or more Moose Legion applications during the prior fiscal year are now part of this program and are recognized as “Moose Legionnaires of Distinction”. They were / will be invited to participate in this annual program. The event venue will change from year to year. It may be a cocktail party, a dinner, a show or something else. What it will be - is recognition of the efforts of our most illustrious sponsors for the prior year. The first group was invited to attend the program at the International Convention in Tampa Florida. Last year there was a cocktail reception with food at the Milwaukee theatre prior to the Fun night. The next group would be invited to some festivities at the convention in LasVegas. 

Will you be on the next list of distinction invitees?

Moose Legionnaires – It is our Centennial year - Please invite qualified Lodge Brothers to become part of our program to support Mooseheart and Moosehaven today! Both new members advancing for the first time and former members re-enrolling count towards qualification for this special recognition.

How close are you to achieving these levels of distinction in your sponsorship record? Only you can make it happen - by seeking out interested and qualified individuals to invite into membership. Good luck and happy sponsoring!

Moose Legionnaires of Distinction - Thank You – For Going the Distance!